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myRTM - Software for simulating the RTM process

myRTM is an easy-to-use program for simulating the mould-filling phase of the Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process.  myRTM supports you in designing resin infusion processes and thus makes possible efficient component development.  


The software starts up immediately without requiring any installation procedure, and can import geometrical descriptions from the usual CAD/FEM systems.  The filling operation can be interactively controlled, and the various stages of filling can be captured in individual stills.  The simulation has already been successfully put to the test in several industrial projects and applied to actual component geometries.  


The example of a white-water paddle is used as a demonstration (click to enlarge the image)

Licence & Disclaimer

myRTM is offered to the public under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Downloadable working files are available for Windows (XP, Vista & 7), Linux (Intel, glibc 2.3) and Mac OS X (10.5, Universal binary).  An introduction and examples of components are included in the package. 


Copyright to myRTM resides with IWK, an institution of the HSR.  The myRTM software is made available under the conditions of application of the  GNU General Public License (GPL).  There is no charge for using the software, which may be used expressly for commercial purposes.  No responsibility whatever is accepted for any possible damage arising from the use of the software.  If you use myRTM, we would ask you to mention this at an appropriate place in your work. 

©2010 Institute for Materials Technology and Plastics Processing (IWK)
University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR)


CAE Interfaces

Files in the following formats can be read:

  • *.db (Ansys)
  • *.nas (Nastran)
  • *.msh (gmsh)
  • *.stp (Step, 3D Volumengeometrien)
  • *.igs (Iges, 2D Flächengeometrien)

Should you have no FE pre-processor to generate the FE mesh, you may use gmsh and import models from the CAD system. If you use gmsh to read in geometries, you must comply with the licensing conditions of the program, which is included in the myRTM package. 


Application Tutorial

The following documents help you to get started with myRTM:

The following films are available for learning how to use the software:

The FE mesh of the component should be created using gmsh.
Application of myRTM

Version notes

The current version of myRTM is at present unfortunately subject to the following limitations:

  • The filling time given by the simulation differs considerably from that of the actual component
  • It is sometimes impossible to import complex CAD or FE geometries
  • When a number of very different permeabilities are used the simulation runs very slowly

We are trying to correct these deficiencies in the upcoming versions.


1) Windows
Unzip the myRTM archive to any destination on your hard drive.

myRTM has been tested with Windows XP. Using Windows Vista/7, unwanted graphical effects may occur. This is a known problem and will be corrected in a future release.

2) Linux
Use the qmake and make commands to compile your own myRTM for the use in Linux. There are no pre-compiled binaries available.

3) Mac OS X
Copy the myRTM Application, as indicated on the disk image, to the /Applications folder on your hard drive.


Support and Feedback

We shall be happy to help if you have questions about using the software.  We can be reached at myrtm(at)


In order to develop the program further, we depend upon your feedback.  For your criticisms, comments and suggestions please use the same email address: myrtm(at)



Windows XP, Vista und 7  (Release 30.04.2010): [18.8 mb]


Linux (Release 30.04.2010):

myRTM_Linux_100430.tar.bz2 [21.5 mb]

Precompiled binary for Ubuntu (courtesy of Joseba García Etxebarria of ETSIA)


Mac OS X 10.5 (Release 30.04.2010):

myRTM_Mac_100430.dmg [43.0 mb]

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Software Download

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